Portable X-ray Scanner

Portable X-ray Scanner

MODEL NO:AT-2300 Mobile and portable x-ray scanner,scanning area is 420*300mm Penetration is 6-8mm steel
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Product Details


Model No.


Scanning area


Unit weight

X-ray source:13.3.detection box:9.6 kgs


X-ray source:545(L)*185(W)*205(H)mm detection box:550(L)*85(W)*376.09(H)mm


60mm Alu plate,6-8mm steel plate

Wire resolution

Dia 0.0787mm copper wire(AWG40)

Spatial resolution

Dia 1.0mm vertical 1.0mm

Wifi transmission distance

30m above

Detection box


X-ray generator

80-120kv,oil cooling

Image archive

Up to 50000 images stored automatically,enable transferring to USB disk,and converting to JPG,BMP,XF,PNG,TIFF,GIF six formats

Other functions

Time/date display,counters,user management,system-on/X-ray on timers,power on self test,built-in diagnostic facilities,dual-direction scanning,system log,system standby and stimulant training, ADS etc.

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