Walk Through Security Check Scanner

Walk Through Security Check Scanner

Model No: AT-600A 6 zones and 18 zones (convertible) 5.7 inch LCD display walk through security check scanner. Sensitivity per zone: 250 levels Max detection accuracy: 3-4g metal like chinese 1Jiao coin
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Product Details

6 zones and 18 zones (convertible) 5.7 inch LCD display walk through security check scanner.

Model No: AT-600A

Sensitivity per zone: 250 levels

Max detection accuracy: 3-4g metal like chinese 1Jiao coin

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1.Technical advantages

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2. Product features

  1. Accuracy: The highest sensitivity can detect a dime coin, and will not miss the report and report. It can also eliminate the influence of belt buckles, leather shoes and bras, and detect more than 150 grams of copper, aluminum, zinc and other metals or control tools and guns;

2, Chinese and English bilingual operation menu, intuitive guidance operation, making the operation parameter setting easier, English interface is especially suitable for foreign high-end places. All parameters can be set via the remote control;

3. After the system is turned on, the hardware 5~10S is automatically detected to enter the best detection state;

4. Connect with the remote computer through the reserved communication interface, monitor and statistically detect the situation at any time (optional);

5, built-in smart chip, stored a variety of places recommended detection sensitivity setting values, including electronics factory, hardware factory, cable factory, airport production inspection, stadium, casino, etc., convenient to transfer, make adjustment faster and more effective;

6. According to the basic structure of the human body, the detection area of the metal detection door is divided into six overlapping mesh detection areas. The single frequency excitation technique is used to form a very uniform vertical magnetic field density in the detection zone, which has strong penetrating power and high detection sensitivity, and eliminates the "weak zone" and "blind zone" of the detection area;

7, 6 detection areas can be adjusted for 250-level sensitivity, and 6-zone and 18-zone mode function conversion, that is, one security gate is compatible with two device functions. The sensitivity level can be preset according to the actual application. Using advanced digital pulse technology, interactive transmission and reception, modular design parts plug and play; accurately determine the area where the metal objects are located, and can intuitively display the area where the prohibited items are located through the side door column super bright LED lights; 7 Inch color LCD screen, record the number of people passing through and the number of alarms, and time display; when there is no personnel passing for a certain period of time, the self-sleep function energy saving mode is included;

8. Two pairs of infrared radiation scanning on both sides of the door can quickly capture the sensing signal and automatically count the number of passing people, which can eliminate the detection error caused by the induction delay when the human body passes, the reset speed is extremely fast, the number of statistics is more accurate, and there is time display.

9. For the electromagnetic interference of various use environments, the whole system adopts the world's advanced electromagnetic compatibility design, and uses the DSP processor to perform correlation calculation and filtering on the sampling signals of prohibited items, so that the whole set of equipment has strong electromagnetic anti-interference. ability;

10, multi-frequency work, adjust the appropriate frequency according to environmental changes, strong anti-interference ability;

11. Anti-vibration design, standing in the middle of the door, the door panel vibrates or shakes without false alarms, effectively controls the false alarm and signal acquisition time, the system only processes the signal alarm generated when passing the security gate, and the signals generated at other times are excluded;

12. The working parameters of the security gate can be freely set (after password protection) to meet the needs of detection accuracy in various environments;

13, sound and light alarm mode, more convenient to identify, the length of the alarm can be adjusted;

14. It is made of imported high-density synthetic materials and special technology. It is waterproof and moisture-proof. The shape is luxurious and beautiful. It is more suitable for large-scale high-end places. The appearance color can be customized.

15. The surface of the door body is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, waterproof, moisture-proof and fire-proof, and is not deformed;

16. It is harmless to the heart pacemaker wearer, pregnant woman, magnetic medium, etc.

17. Adopt all international safety standards that comply with the current applicable environment;

18, the integrated design of the series of products, only 20 minutes to install or disassemble, and the left and right door panels are interchangeable, the main box can also be adjusted at will.

3. Product sizes

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4. Product installations