Passing Gate Metal Detector

Passing Gate Metal Detector

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Super sensitivity passing gate metal detector with high standard configuration.

Performance and characteristics:

1. Accurate positioning: (6, 12, 18 areas of mutual rotation function) 18 overlapping network detection area division, bilateral emission, bilateral reception, can accurately locate the detected object, visually display the location of the target. With background statistics function, you can view and transfer printing at any time.

2. Multi-zone alarm: It can locate multiple metal positions at the same time.

3. Microprocessor technology: The scanning electromagnetic wave is generated by the circuit controlled by a microcomputer, and the scanning rate can be precisely controlled. The control panel is programmed according to the need to ensure the flexibility, reliability and stability of sensitivity setting.

4. Compound circuit design: scattering infrared device, fast sensing, computer automatic identification, can reduce false alarm and missed report, automatic statistics of the number of alarms, the number of passers-by.

5. Digital pulse technology: with digital signal processing and filtering system, has excellent anti-electromagnetic interference ability.

6. Sensitivity adjustable: Each detection location has 4000 sensitivity levels, which can be adjusted to the appropriate sensitivity according to the detection requirements (the greater the sensitivity value is, the higher the sensitivity is, the overall sensitivity is adjusted to 18 regions simultaneously. It can detect paper clip, micro non-ferrous metals and precious metals of different materials.

7. Password protection settings: Only by entering the correct password, can the program and sensitivity and other parameters be changed. The password is six digits, which can be set by users themselves (Note: password of system settings can not be changed). )

8. Serial communication: Reserve data communication interface, which can be connected with computer.

9. Modular design: modular design, easy to install, easy to troubleshoot.  

10. Strong anti-collision craftsmanship: Strong anti-collision and anti-collision ability in the condition of no one passing, standby normal operation, not affected by external factors.

11. Magnetic field emission technology: in line with the current international safety standards, the use of weak magnetic field technology, the heart pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, floppy disks, film, videotapes and other harmless.

Model No.


Vertical dimension


Vertical channel size


Main host packing size


Door frame packing size


Net weight


Gross weight


Working voltage

AC90V~240V 50/60Hz



Working frequency range

7000-8999 HZ

Working environment temperature


Installation environment

(W)100cm* (L)200cm (no metal in thisrange)

Location detection metal precision

Maximum sensitivity0.1g metal

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