6/12/18 zones High Sensitivity Walkthrough Metal Detector

6/12/18 zones High Sensitivity Walkthrough Metal Detector

Model No: AT-1088A 6/12/18 zones Super high detection accuracy LCD display walk through metal detector Max accuracy to detect 0.1g metal,two sets detection sampling system,no blind area of detection. 400 levels adjustable sensitivity each zone,LCD display. Unit price:USD2800-3600/unit, Payment: T/T or sight L/C,Delivery: 7 days, Packing: Cartons
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Product Details

6/12/18 zones super high accuracy intelligent walkthrough metal detector (No detection blind area)

Model No:AT-1088A


Highlight functions:

Real-time adjustment of microcomputers in intelligent magnetic field correction system (magnetic field never degenerate)

★  The intelligent detection of the peripheral frequency can be automatically or manually adjusted (with thousands of types.Electronic products do not interfere with each other at the same time (for 2 thousand groups of frequencies)

★ Intelligent working mode detection zones selection: 6 zone 12 zone 18 zone (optional or switch)

Intelligent motherboard software can be upgraded with a variety of equipment

Optimization of blind area for dynamic detection of hand and foot (anti leakage)

Intelligent waveform detection system (no magnetic line of force can also alarm, needle

Leakage of non-magnetic metals in security doors, complementary waveform scanning)

★ Intelligent sound and light alarm, adjustable volume, and the light can be displayed on the left or right side of the metal.

Four column LED display, (two-way control)

Intelligent 8 bit encrypted remote control to ensure security of security parameters (specified authorization)

For more details,pls check pdf file attached.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9hhLhhxX8U&t=20s