33 Zones Walk Through Security Door

Model No:AT-600C-33 33 zones 7 inch LCD touch screen walk-through metal detector Vertical dimension:2200×880x480mm Vertical channel size:2000x700mm Packing size :2265x695x240mm Working frequency range:1—100 bands Maximum sensitivity≥6g metal Net/Gross weight: 48/52kg
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Product Details

33 zones touch screen display high sensitivity arched door frame metal detector security gates.

Model No:AT-600C-33



· Touch screen:7-inch HDMI LCD touch screen,easy to operate and understand.

· Mobile connection technology: realize mobile APP remote control(optional).

· IP Grade: IP55 superior waterproof performance(optional).

· Professional detection process:built in 60 different detection occasions(providing upgrade services).

· Security level:100 security levels.

· Detection sensitivity of each zone: From 0 to 255 level.



 1. Places which should be security examined. Such as airport, customs, harbor, station, etc. 

 2. Places where prohibited metal items should be examined. Such as court, police station, jail, lockup, etc.
 3. Public places entrances Such as important place, exhibition, business rally, celebration meeting, stadium, etc.
 4. Industries where the valuable metal articles should be avoided missing. Such as hardware, electronics, jewelry, coinage line , etc.
 5. Entertainment places where dangerous items should be forbidden. Such as nightclub, theater,
 ballroom, bar, KTV, etc.

 6. Places where the dangerous items should not be taken with, such as the Bank , Government , Post office, school , private house ,etc.

Optional function:

1. USB linkage management system:According to the alarm of the security door, the management of the linkage equipment through the USB interface

2. UPS continuous power management:Built-in backup power supply 4 hours, with low electricity alarm, and power display function.

3. Multiple PC networking systems:one PC computer can be used to adjust the parameters of multiple security doors and query related logs.

4. Mobile phone APP remote control system:Security check door wireless WIFI connection, mobile phone download special APP for remote control of security door.

5. Mobile detection video:At any time, the security check door can be recorded through the personnel related to the alarm and other video information, in order to obtain the evidence and inquiry.

6. Temperature testing system:Can check the security door through the forehead temperature of the personnel, in order to judge whether the body is abnormal?

Details to be checked in PDF file of product brochure.

Reference video:


Model No:

AT-600C 33 zones

Vertical dimension


Vertical channel size


Packing size


Net weight


Gross weight


Working voltage

AC90V240V 5060Hz



Working frequency range

1—100 bands

Working environment temperature


Installation environment

(W)100cm* (L)200cm (no metal in thisrange)

Location detection metal precision range

Maximum sensitivity≥6g metal