33 Zones Oval Door Frame Metal Detector

Model No.: AT-300A 33 zones oval touch screen door frame metal detector security gate 7inch touch screen LCD display, 255 levels adjustable sensitivity, 33 detection zones.
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Product Details

33 zones Portable oval type touch screen display Walk-through metal detector body scanner security gates

Model No.: AT-300A

Goods description:

The product has a number of patent of the appearance organization and has obtained the registration right of the software system. This product uses electromagnetic field to detect the detection structure of the carry metal, and the way of sound and light alarm to indicate that the passing metal is more than a certain amount. It consists of a host, a high frequency signal generator, a signal receiver and an infrared sensor. With the appearance of atmospheric appearance, metal detection ability, detection and defense unique internet remote operation management system, lightweight and waterproof features, is currently in the market leading edge of the metal detecting gate.

It can be widely used in sports meetings, conferences, schools and other occasions.


Highlight features: Portable easily 

300A-portable .jpg

More details of product to be seen in PDF file of product brochure.


Model No.

AT-300A 33 zones

Vertical dimension


Vertical channel size


Packing size


Net weight


Gross weight


Working voltage

AC90V~240V 50/60Hz



Working frequency range

1—100 bands

Working environment temperature


Installation environment

(W)100cm* (L)200cm (no metal in thisrange)

Location detection metal precision

Maximum sensitivity4g metal

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