Portable & Foldable Walk Through Metal Detector

Model No:AT-007 Portable & foldable walk through metal detector security gate Display:7 inch LCD touch screen Sensitivity each zone: 255 grades to be adjustable IP54 rainproof mask,Mobile APP remote control:optional
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Product Details

24 zones Portable & foldable walk through metal detector security gate

Model No:AT-007

Display:7 inch LCD touch screen

Sensitivity each zone: 255 grades to be adjustable

IP54 rainproof mask,Mobile APP remote control:optional


Product description:

    Portable security gate is a lightweight, high performance product,which has the characteristics of high sensitivity, portable, mobile, waterproof, light weight, only one operator can transport to any place and assemble ok to be normal work in five minutes, it is used for sports, meetings, schools and other places ideally. At the same time, it also has simple and convenient operation characteristics and full portable ability, so it is easy to operate and can be used almost without any operation training.


Leading technology:

● Multi zones detection technology: 24 zones can be provided to switch, intelligent partition (can provide more defense upgrade technology).

Frequency band: the ultra large range work band (0-100), and has the work environment self-adaptive function.

Sensitivity each zone:Singe zone Max sensitivity to be 255 grades to be adjustable.

● Mobile Internet technology: mobile APP remote control, the world zero distance (Optional).

● Protective technology of super strong shell: IP54 (rainproof mask can be optional)

● Adaptive diagnosis system: the system adaptively diagnoses the working state of the hardware when it starts.

007-1.jpgProduct advantages:

●  Adaptive debugging system: the system can adjust the detection standard adaptively when the system enters the debugging system.

●  Starting and stopping technology: the infrared device has automatic start - stop technology, and the life span is 100 times longer.

●  The detection sensitivity each zone can be adjusted(with adaptive technology).  

●  The detection zone partition can automatically adjust the partition (number of developed area detection).

●  Sound and light alarm: alarm tone and alarm length can be adjusted arbitrarily.

 Query function: the system has the function of real-time information query.

●  Detection ability: with 1 minutes more than 100 people test through ability.


Technical parameters:

External dimension2250*850*500mm
Pass dimension2051*710*500mm (customized width:700-1500mm)
Fold dimension889*606*484mm
Pack dimension948*666*525mm
Working temperature-20℃-60℃
Relative humidity99%,non condensing
InputAC110V-240V 50-60HZ
OutputDC 12V/5A 12W
Power supply modePolymer battery(4 hours).and the endurance time is 8,16,24,48,72hours (optional)
WeightNet:42kgs Gross:50kgs


●  Wireless connection,remote control

Grasp the security gate anytime and anywhere. The products can be controlled remotely by mobile APP and computer clients through WiFi, 4G data, Bluetooth module, wireless access Internet, data monitoring, and zero distance in the world.

Packing details:



Product video reference:



Portable metal can exclude function

7 inch large LCD touch screen

Simple intuitive touch operation panel

One key mobile phone remote control operation mode

Multi network interface

External control alarm device port

Two development port / upgrade port

Through the number of statistical functions

Statistical function of the number of alarm

Access and inquiry function through number of people

Dual password protection function of the system

Multi zones simultaneous detection and simultaneous alarm function

Intelligent distinguishing function of large piece goods detection

Intelligent zoning alarm indicator of super brightness patch

Super luminance patch double row location indicator

6 selectable frequency bands


100 selectable frequency band

Alarm sound static mode setting

Alarm sound size adjustable mode

Multiple alarm sound selection mode

Front and back unilateral zone alarm indicator

Front unilateral zone alarm indicator


Front bilateral zone alarm indicator

Front and back quadrangle alarm indicator / optional

Each detection zone sensitivity adjustable

Each zone sensitivity 0-255 adjustable

Safe grade:1-100 adjustable

16 independent probe interactive 24 zone

Built-in detection standard program with more than 60 different occasions

Battery:4 hours long(optional)

Battery:8 hours

Restore factory setting function

Note: in the table""represents standard configuration"○":Representation can be optioanl"/":there is no configuration

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