50mts Depth Underground Gold Diamond Detector

50mts Depth Underground Gold Diamond Detector

long range gold diamond metal detectors Model No: AT-6088D Pinpoint six kinds of metal mine: copper, silver, gold, lead, tin and Diamond Measure depth: Max. 50 m Net weight: 4kg Gross weight:6.5kg Packing size :54*17*50cm (carton)
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Long range gold diamond metal detectors
Model No: AT-6088D

User has to wave arms with traditional metal detector for searching metal objects. Such detector can cover limited surface during operation. It can hardly work in severe conditions. Due to the different principle, the detection depth of traditional detector is very limited. To have a better detection result, our company introduced the advanced remote sensing detection technology. After repeated research and test, we developed this remote sensing metal detector system, i.e. treasure metal directional indicator. It is characterized by searching fast over super large area and depth. Its signal can penetrate in mountain and pass through rivers. It can detect gold(Au), silver(Ag), copper(Cu), lead(Pb), tin(Sn), and jewel. The detector can transmit and receive signal in a large range. The detection radius length can be over 1000 meters. The signal can penetrate 90 meters in the mountain without attenuation. It can detect one piece of silver coin buried in depth of several meters.The operation of this remote sensing detector is simple. Mastering the use of this detector may take some practice. But it is important for getting a successful detection result.
Key Specifications/Special Features:

Application:mineral lode searching, field exploration, archaeological research,  treasure finding Detection of underground metal (mineral) position, size, and depth

Pinpoint six kinds 

metal mine:

copper, silver, gold, lead, tin and Diamond
Search range:800 meters (radius)
Measure depth:Max. 50 m (To get best and higher detecting accuracy, the detecting depth  we suggest should be less than 10-20 meters) Handheld receiving antenna
Power supply:9V DC rechargeable battery 
Operation humidity:0-95% (no condensation)
Storage temperature:-40 C to + 85°C 
Net weight:4kg
Gross weight:6.5kg
Packing size :54*17*50cm (carton)

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