X-ray Scan Of Imported Qingdao Airport Reveals The Discarded Grenades

- Dec 18, 2019-

X-ray scan of imported Qingdao Airport reveals the discarded grenades

The X-ray baggage screening machine was used to scan a discarded grenade in Qingdao airport. At first, the security inspector just thought it was suspicious. After the second scan of the X-ray machine, it was found that there was a problem. According to the display of the security machine, it was a grenade like object, which immediately attracted great attention.


In the security inspection operation room of Qingdao airport, Zhang Xiaozhang, the operator of the security inspection machine, checked the luggage and opened the bag room on island B. when performing the security inspection task of a domestic flight, he found an image similar to a grenade in the luggage trolley box to be checked. He was surprised and moved the bag to the opening room quickly. Wang Xiaowang, the operator of the bag, made a second identification of the X-ray image of the bag. With rich security inspection experience, Wang Xiaowang It is determined that the image is a grenade. Xiao Wang quickly informs the staff to intercept the luggage owner, and informs the superior on duty leader at the same time.

Around 4 p.m., the passenger Wu was taken to the unpacking room, and the unpacker Xiao Wang opened Wu's luggage face to face. As expected, a grenade was found on the lower left side of the luggage. After careful inspection, it was a grenade without gunpowder and fuse. Wu explained that when he visited Qingdao, he bought a discarded grenade because he liked military supplies very much. He wanted to take it home as a souvenir. He didn't know it was contraband at all. According to the relevant regulations, the airport security department will give Wu and the seized items to the public security for handling.

The manufacturer of Suzhou aoteng X-ray machine said: many of the security inspection machines used in the airport are imported brands, such as RapiScan imported brand X-ray baggage screening machine in the United States, which has strong scanning ability. Illegal items, whether toys or dangerous goods, are almost impossible to be scanned.