Working State Of Flap Turnstile Gate After Power Off And Performance Of Flap Gate

- Jan 31, 2018-

Working state of flap turnstile gate after power off and performance of flap gate


As one of the channel wing gate management equipment, mainly used for pedestrian channel management, has been widely used in airports, subway stations, railway stations, docks, attractions, parks, dormitory units, walkways, with smart card stripping type ticket management system function, the formation of the unattended management staff. The following small editor to introduce the working state of the wing lock after power cut and its performance characteristics, look at it.


Working state of flap gate after power failure


After the brake is broken, the built-in battery will power the motor, then the motor turns, and the baffle takes back the chassis. The battery stops giving power to the flank motor after the built-in inductor is induced.


The flap gate is operated by the motor, and its opening time is basically controlled in about 0.5 seconds. When the wing gate is open, it is in barrier free state. The personnel can go through quickly, and can reach 1.5-2 seconds per person, and the passage of the wing gate can be transported by small suitcases and other articles. The wing gate is an intermediate product, which can support high level traffic places such as civil level and rail transit. It has functions such as avoiding climbing alarm, preventing trailing alarm, and clamping electronic eyes. It belongs to a product with high safety level. So the price of wing lock is higher.