Working Principle Of Luggage X-ray Scanner Safety Inspection Machine

- Mar 08, 2018-

Working principle of luggage x-ray scanner safety inspection machine


Channel type X-ray security inspection equipment is usually referred to as the screening machine, in the subway, airport, train station, bus station and other public places, many people may think that the screening machine has the advantages of simple operation, in fact, because of a trace radiation screening machine, application should pay special attention to, especially in the event of a failure, not to dismantle, of course in order to understand the security, the working methods to avoid unnecessary harm in daily maintenance!


The channel X ray safety inspection equipment is made up of baggage delivery part, X ray source and control part, signal acquisition and processing and transmission part, image processing part and electric control part. The channel type X - ray safety inspection equipment is completed by the conveyor belt which is sent to the tracked passage of the checked luggage. After the item enters the channel, the detection device sends the relevant information to the control unit, and the control unit triggers the X ray source to launch the X ray. X ray through the collimator formed after very narrow fan beam, through the baggage on the conveyor belt to the detector, the detector X ray received into the electrical signal, the current signal is weak is amplified to quantify control computer for further processing by transmitting the universal serial bus to the industry, and after operation the imaging complex obtained after high quality image.