Work Flow Of Station X-ray Baggage Scanner Security Machine

- Mar 07, 2018-

Work flow of station x-ray baggage scanner security machine


Every time when we enter into the station, inspector requires us to carry the bag into the x-ray screening machine through security check, personnel need to be checked through the walk through security door, then can the security machine sees what items inside the bag? what is not to let us carry it? We summarize that the xray baggage scanner security machine can see those items as well as the present state, and the station security machine working process etc.

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Station security x-ray scanning machine can see the luggage items inside the trunk through the X ray , when our luggage is into the security channel, it will block the internal light source signal of x ray screening machine, thus starting the X light rays to penetrate the trunk, reflected on the display screen, inspectors can be very intuitive view of the items inside the trunk


So what do our items show on the screen? In general, we can distinguish between the shape of the item and the color that it presents, such as:

The object is blue, so it is likely to be metal, and then according to the shape of the item to judge whether it is a contraband.

Orange, especially deep orange, may be drugs and explosives. So when the deep orange appears on the monitor's screen, it is necessary to open the package inspection, of course, it may also be soap and other items.

Yellow, usually clothing, material and other articles, can also be called a safety item.


So when we pass the security check machine, we should not put objects in the package, though not dangerous, but also increase the security burden for our travel and security inspectors.


Then the above is the goods that the station security machine can see, and the security inspector can test the package according to the above process.