Why Should The Injection Molding Industry Use A Metal Separator?

- Mar 03, 2018-

Why should the injection molding industry use a metal separator


The metal that will appear in the process of production

1. metal impurities entrained material

2. equipment maintenance process of metal drop

Fall 3. metal wear production equipment itself

4. staff wear metal jewelry drop


Damage caused by metal to injection molding machine

1. plug nozzle and melt filter, plug into the mouth, hot runner mold

2. damage to the screw, barrel and die

3. lead to downtime and production accidents

4. waste raw materials


The benefits of using a metal separator

1. protection equipment

2. improve production efficiency

3. improves the utilization rate of raw materials

4. improve product quality

5. reduce equipment maintenance costs and downtime maintenance losses


"AOTENG" metal separator:

1. equipment detector adopts advanced German technology, dedicated to the injection molding industry, machine performance is stable and reliable, can adapt to the complex condition of the injection molding industry, can achieve accurate detection and rapid response;

2. inside and outside of the equipment in the design of the structure is compact, can effectively avoid the interference of external factors such as vibration and noise, and can effectively save the installation height and space, can be directly installed in the injection molding machine;

3. plastic special removing system, can quickly eliminate and minimize material waste;

4. machine module assembly, simple disassembly, convenient cleaning;

5. machine has a variety of models, caliber optional, can meet the needs of different caliber and accuracy requirements of field use;

6. machine with high precision, the detection performance is stable and reliable, can work in 24 hours.

7. equipment stable performance, can be directly installed in the injection molding machine