Why Need Install Walk Through Metal Detector Security Gates?

- Dec 12, 2019-

Why need install walk through metal detector security gates?

Many people don't know much about the function of the walk through security gate. Today we will talk about the problems if there is no walk through metal detector security gate.

First, there is the problem of order. Through one door, passengers can consciously queue up without organization and effort. This can not only save the human and material resources of the airport, but also allow passengers to register in a orderly manner without being in a hurry. If there is a mistake in the chaos, it is easy to delay the boarding time.


Second, some passengers wear a sun hat to enter the walk through security door, uncover the hat and hide a pet tortoise inside; some passengers close their lips and pass the security check, asking him questions, but he can't answer them. It turns out that the old smoker wants to smoke before boarding and hide the lighter in his mouth Every day, tens of thousands of air passengers pass the security check, and they carry many strange things. It can eliminate the indication of alarm light, conduct close inspection, find out the metal source, and use it as a reference test.

The main purpose of passing through the security gate before boarding is to ensure the safety of the aviation and the safety of the passengers. The airport must carry out the security check. In this link, the walk through metal detector security gate plays a very important role. Through the initial gate value setting of the security gate, the shape and weight of the metal are controlled. When the person passing through the security gate carries it on the body When the weight and quantity of the metal exceeds the set value or the shape of the metal object is inconsistent with the data of the pre equipment, the security door alarm will be triggered, so that the security personnel can find the metal objects carried by the person in time.