Why Does Dual View X-ray Baggage Scanner Machine Become A New Trend Of Baggage Security?

- Nov 08, 2019-

Why does dual view X-ray baggage scanner machine become a new trend of baggage security?

As we all know, the application of X-ray baggage scanner machine in safety inspection equipment is very extensive and important, so why does the new double angle X-ray machine become the new trend of baggage safety inspection? The gatekeeper will read it for you.


As we all know, X-ray security detector is an electronic device that uses X-ray scanning imaging technology to carry out security inspection on luggage. It is composed of X-ray generator, X-ray detector, image processing system, etc. to judge the security of goods according to scanning imaging. X-ray safety detector is a low-risk radiation device, and its radiation is far less than that of medical X-ray machine.

The same X-ray is a kind of light with huge penetration energy, and it must also be in a straight-line state of transmission and reception, while the dual view security X-ray machine uses two sets of ray devices and two sets of reception devices, so that there is no dead angle for the baggage in a vertical and horizontal position. Therefore, in the more strict position of security inspection, there is no dead angle of security inspection, so dual perspective X-ray machine will become a new trend of baggage security inspection?