Why Are There Security Gates And X-ray Machines At The Entrance Of The Library?

- Apr 18, 2019-

Today is February 6, 2019, the second day of the first lunar month, the year has passed. Today, I accompanied my sister to the Kunshan Library for a walk. Unfortunately, the Kunshan Library closed. At the entrance of the library, there are security gates and X-ray security machines. What is the purpose of installing library  walk through metal detector security gates and X-ray security machines?


The library is divided into manual lending area and self-service lending area. The reason for installing security checking doors is that the library is regarded as a public place. No matter the manual lending area or the self-service lending area, the safety problem is the first one. The walk through metal detector of the library can check the prohibited metal articles carried by the personnel, and the X-ray security checker can check the luggage or the luggage items carried by the baby, so as to ensure the safety of the library. Personal safety of staff in and out of libraries and staff in libraries.

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