Which Places Are Suitable For Installation Of Swing barrier Gates?

- Apr 24, 2018-

Which places are suitable for installation of swing barrier gates?


Swing gate is a more general equipment in the whole gate series. The main working mode of swing gate is single pendulum, double pendulum main engine and double pendulum slave. Their differences are mainly determined by different needs. So, what are the settings for the installation of the swing gate?


1, safety inspection door matching channel equipment

The staff need to check the security check door. By checking the rolling machine, it can pass personnel, one person at a time. On the other hand, it can't be passed. It can be used to prevent leakage of precious metal products. In some special places, such as purification workshop, precious metal products, precious semiconductor products, important warehouse and other local products, it needs high safety.


2. All high gate application places

A low gate with high safety and high demand for human flow and speed should be selected. For example, the non main door with high safety and less duty personnel: the ordinary area and high safety area within the interval factory: the special workshop with better safety requirements; the high safety all high door products are selected in the places where the main door of the sluice is not in and out of the work.


3, electrostatic detection equipment and channel equipment

Employees who need to enter the workshop stand on both sides of the metal pedal and press the metal buttons on the detector with their hands. If the body electrostatic value is below the specified value and the green light is on, the floodgate can be rolled freely once. If the electrostatic value exceeds the standard, the red light can not pass.


4. PNG+PMD equipment applicable to the indoor corridor of the office building

It is necessary to consider the number, frequency of flow, life, beauty of appearance, small noise and emergency evacuation, and the use of fast channel ((PNG) + swing door (PMD). People can get to and from work by means of a fast lane to better control the entry and exit of personnel in the building.


What are the suitable occasions for swing gate? From the above content, we can see that the swing gates are widely used. The effect of the use is more popular with the customers. Therefore, if you have any need for the gate, you can call our hotline: 0512-63936368, our staff will give you a detailed introduction.