Which Metals Are Not Easily Detected By Metal Detectors?

- May 15, 2019-

Metal detectors are commonly used equipment to detect metal impurities in factories and enterprises, but the attributes of different kinds of metal substances are different. Some metals are not easy to be detected. Which metals are not easy to be detected by metal detectors?


Because the metal detector uses the principle of electromagnetic induction for operation detection, at present, in many metal materials, such as iron, steel, chromium, carbon steel, tungsten carbide and other conductive and magnetic metals, due to the magnetic field of testing equipment has a significant effect. Metals, such as brass, copper, aluminium and lead, with high resistance but no magnetism, are easy to detect because they are conductors themselves. But some pure, high resistance and non-magnetic metals, such as 304 and 316 in stainless steel, are difficult to detect!

In order to meet the detection needs of most industries, conventional metal detectors can accurately detect most of the metals mentioned above. Although some hard-to-detect metals pose a big problem for equipment, for some customers with special detection needs, Heiman will also customize the corresponding detection equipment scheme. By analyzing the characteristics of metals and optimizing the working frequency and detection accuracy of the equipment, it can also achieve high-precision detection effect for these metals.

Suzhou Aoteng currently provides metal detector for the market with leading digital technology and original imported chip elaborately developed. For metal detection accuracy can reach iron 0.5, non-iron 1.0, stainless steel 1.8mm, the detection coil is formed once by filling method. It has the characteristics of high detection accuracy and strong anti-interference ability. Compared with similar products in the market, it has better advantages.

Only by defining the requirements of metal detection and choosing appropriate metal detector equipment, can some special metals be effectively detected. If you currently have customized testing equipment needs, please contact us, we will create the appropriate program products for you!