Which Metal Security Door Should Be Installed For Super High Flow?

- Mar 09, 2018-

Which metal security door should be installed for super high flow?


In this information age, always pushing forward, step backward moment will be with others, have to be eliminated. Some peer advanced walk through metal security gates still function today is the magical power, to civil aviation airport as an example, the recent national civil aviation units, according to the metal security doors have set the the new security standard. These standards require the detection of micro - shaped weapons, including magnetic, nonmagnetic, and mixed alloy materials. In a gate channel, 100% of the cover space does not allow detection of the dead angle. As weapons and personal metal items are often confused on the human body, misinformation is not allowed, which is a major challenge for the detection of technology by metal security gates. At present, our company has developed several high-end metal safety inspection doors can be displayed in multiple sections, is a better recognized product. This kind of product can be achieved in security detection and operation function.


1. high visibility warning lights can be displayed bi-directional and can detect two-way traffic.

2. card setting system can directly select the international security standards and security level.

3. high recognition for individual characters.

4. the structure is strong and durable.

5. near or remote programmable input.

6. conforms to the convenience of the disabled.


Tip: the best installation and maintenance matters: through the above analysis, we can see that the metal safety door is a highly sensitive detection device working on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Incorrect usage will also affect the effect of security inspection. We suggest that the following issues should be paid attention to in the process of installation and use by the engineers and users, taking into account the relevant reports over the years.


1.,There should be no large or moving metal objects within 1 to 3 meters around the metal security door probe.

2., we should stay away from the interference sources such as wires, communication cables, wireless walkie talkies, remote control switches, electric tools and elevators, so as to avoid any interference. If necessary, we must shield the interference sources.

3., when multiple door frame metal detectors are used at the same time, they must keep at least 1.5 meters away and set different frequencies. If permitted, it is best to stagger the position before and after, so as not to interfere with each other, and affect the accuracy and stability of detection.

4., we must set the sensitivity according to the needs of practical applications. If the detection sensitivity is set too high, the false alarm rate will increase, while the detection sensitivity will be set too low, and there will be a missing report.

The final suggestion: at the same time, in the purchase of metal security inspection door products, we should find a well qualified, better after-sales service manufacturers, in order to obtain after-sales guarantee.