Which Kind Of Metal Detector Should Be Selected In The Production Of Meat Products?

- Nov 18, 2019-

First, let's understand the concept of meat and meat products. Meat includes fresh meat and frozen meat, such as pork, chicken, duck, etc. meat products are processed products of meat, such as bacon, soy sauce, barbecue. Fermented meat, etc. Let's give an example of how to customize the metal detector for different meat products?

Raw animal meat can be divided into fresh meat and frozen meat. The purpose of detection is to prevent the mixing of anti epidemic needles or metal pieces. Online detection or customized whole machine can be used, and the matching production line can also be tested independently. Generally, small pieces of meat can be detected after acid discharge. The effect will be better if it is packaging detection, such as 25 kg carton packaging, which is produced in frozen state The product material effect is small, the detection effect is good, the material effect of fresh meat is larger, the detection effect will be worse, so it is generally not recommended to test the whole box. Cooked meat such as lunch meat, ham sausage, red sausage and other meat products, generally metal detector is better.

The casing meat products can be connected to the fluid sauce metal detector at the back of the enema machine, and the pipe diameter can be selected according to the production needs. The detection sensitivity will be affected by the flow rate and vibration. The finished products, such as ham sausage, can not be detected by the all metal detector because of the aluminum buckle on both sides, so the aluminum foil metal detector can only be used to detect the ferromagnetic metal, while the red sausage and the For smoked meat products, the material effect of such products is very large, the detection accuracy is poor, and the consistency of the products is also poor, thus affecting the stability. Therefore, the detection accuracy may be small, which should be determined according to the requirements of specific businesses.


Poultry and meat such as whole chicken, divided chicken, chicken leg, etc. have large material effect in fresh state and small effect in frozen state. The larger the product volume is, the greater the material effect is. Usually, specific detection channel size will be selected according to the specific product or package size. We generally recommend that customers provide corresponding products or packages for detection in advance, and the detected data and customers The customer compares and confirms whether they can meet the production requirements and then issues a suitable product plan. Sometimes they can't meet the requirements and can only use other detection equipment, such as metal foreign body detector. However, the cost of X-ray foreign body detector is too high. The customer needs to decide according to their own budget.

Cooked meat products refer to deep processed products such as kebabs, salted products, meatballs, sauces and boiled products, fried products, barbecue products, sausage products, etc. cooked meat products are also divided into frozen and cold fresh products. Generally, in the frozen state, a suitable window can be provided for detection according to the size of the product. However, because seasoning is added to cooked food products, when the frozen state is - 18 ℃, the products are produced The product effect is not big, and the detection effect is good, but once the melting surface returns frost, the metal detection will be affected; in the cold and fresh state, the material effect is relatively large, the smaller the detection window size is, the higher the detection accuracy is. For example, if the product volume is large, the material effect is too large, so the detection sensitivity can not meet the customer's requirements It is recommended to use X-ray foreign body detector to detect.

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