Which Is Good For The Speed Barrier Gates Manufacturer?

- May 05, 2018-

Quick access door in the access control system belongs to the control system. It is a very important part of the control of entry and exit. Its role is to enable authorized people to pass, but no authorized person can not pass. It is a very convenient flow control and management measure. Next, let's take a look. Which is better for quick gate manufacturers? Let's see what the technicians in Suzhou are talking about.


Which is good for the high speed barrier gates manufacturer?


The function of the speed turnstile gates

Anti tail function: the channel has infrared band detection area, which can adjust the switch state by software according to the customer's precision, adapt to the application of different demand light belt, avoid the point type infrared detector to be polluted easily, affect the defect of judging reliability, and can effectively judge the trailing of the unread card.


The gate system operates smoothly, with little noise and no mechanical impact. It is suitable for office buildings, scenic spots, high-grade residential areas and stations.


The whole machine is made of the national standard 304 stainless steel. Slender and elegant, gentle and smooth;


More secure and faster than ordinary turnstile gates:


The electric core control system adopts 32 bit ARM microprocessor, and its performance is reliable.


The core part adopts the advanced deceleration motor + coded electronic control positioning device plus the unique toothed electromagnetic clutch.


The synchronization and positioning accuracy of wing wobble are realized efficiently.


The intelligent anti - clamp anti - collision and anti - tail function can be realized perfectly.


The switch speed can reach 0.4 seconds / action


After the power failure, the clutch is not attracted, and the swing arm can be pushed away manually. The power cut off function is realized.


It has a humanized state indication function, which indicates the passageway status and traffic instructions. It greatly improves the efficiency of traffic and is also convenient for maintenance.


It has the functions of illegal intruding alarm, trailing traffic alarm and reverse traffic alarm, which can effectively regulate traffic order and facilitate management.


It has the functions of fault self checking and alarm prompting, which is convenient for users to maintain and use.


It has a count function and can count the number of passes.


It has a variety of combination modes. The equipment can be normally opened or normally closed, and the corresponding control mode can be configured at any time according to the on-the-spot management needs.


With opening and closing speed adjustment, read card memory function, with self checking and prompting function, management and maintenance are more convenient.


With unified and standard external electrical interface, it can be used in conjunction with various access control devices. Remote control and management can be realized by managing computers.


The standard RS485 communication interface is reserved.


Speed doors parameters

(1) GB 2.0/1.5mm thick 304 wire stainless steel, stainless steel body, tempered glass partition; long 1300mmx width 200mmx high 1000mm

(2) switch response <0.6, speed 0.3s, no fault operation 2 million times.

(3) pat the door wing, 10mm transparent acrylic door wing

(4) 2 Road CAN, RS232, 8 road I/O, two-way

(5) pass frequency, 20~60 person / minute

(6) channel width 550mm ~ 1100mm (custom-made)

(7) communication interface, TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, I/O, CAN bus

(8) motor drive, DC brushless servo motor


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