Whether There Is Explosive Drug Or Not - AOTENG Explosive Drug Detector

- Jul 15, 2019-

At present, many important security inspection places, such as airports and metros, are equipped with explosive and drug detectors. After equipped with explosive and drug detectors, security personnel only need to know whether there are explosives and drugs at a glance. Here's a look at the actual situation:


Usage: Security inspectors only need to rub the test paper on the suspect, and then insert the test paper into the detector to know the results. It is worth mentioning that the test paper can detect not only all kinds of explosives, but also drugs. Peihong Explosive Drug Detector can detect explosives and narcotics for example: black powder, home-made explosives, fireworks, ammonium nitrate (AN), TNT, cocaine hydrochloride, heroin, methamphetamine and so on; and the instrument has the function of adding samples, and can add new samples to the instrument as needed.

Technical Principle: Ion migration spectroscopy technology principle, test paper has a strong adsorbability, after trial will adsorb explosives and drug molecules. The detection process is the process of these molecules drifting out to identify, the theoretical time is 5 seconds. After many tests, we found that the results can be obtained in the shortest 2 seconds and the longest 10 seconds. In order to ensure the validity of the test paper detection, the security personnel will carry on the test on the luggage and the easily residual parts such as pocket pocket, cuff and collar.

Security Inspection Scheme: After on-site training and simulation exercises, security inspection staff are skilled in the practical application and daily maintenance knowledge of the new instruments. Each passageway of the important security checkpoint is equipped with explosive and drug detectors. Every day, a special person is assigned to carry out explosion-proof and explosion-detonation checks on the luggage and articles of passengers entering and waiting for the train.

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