Where Is The Important Role Of Handheld Metal Scanners?

- Mar 12, 2018-

Where is the important role of handheld metal scanners?


The portable metal scanner is designed to meet the specific requirements of the security industry, especially the checkpoint. The handheld metal detector is a tough design, with low power consumption in real time, to meet the police and safe use, airport and border security offensive weapon search, check the letters and parcels of metal objects, and detect hidden metals at any time and place.


The hand-held metal detector, high detection precision, simple operation, beautiful appearance and light, sonorous voice, and has the power detection and alarm lamp and light automatically, and with a quick reset button, press reset button can make the detector reset to return to the usual waiting state detection is particularly useful, there are rapid changes in the emergence of false alarm and detection when the temperature of the environment.


Super scanner operates a 9V alkaline battery or rechargeable battery, a switch operation handle at any time of the unit ultimate sensitivity, does not need to adjust the, durable, high impact ABS steel coil carriage under the condition of detection from 9 medium Shou gun "; from the 6 knife"; from the 3 box blade and sword "; aluminum foil packaging drugs, from 1 small jewelry" big 10 "fast, thorough scanning, scanning the surface charging SHARP alarm sound and vibration function of bright red LED lights indicate the metal detection enabled personnel work silently 9V battery charger jack green LED lights that amber LED instructions low battery red LED display alarm metal there will be represented by a future audio warning sound and light. The sensitivity is adjustable. Will be Shou 38 caliber gun low sensitivity for the detection of 7.75 inch and 11 inch with pencil sharpener will best sensitivity low detection sensitivity of 4 inches and 6 inches of British optimal sensitivity blade detection sensitivity is low, at 2 inches, 4 inches heavy responsibility of building the best sensitivity, is 50% more more switch easy between high or low sensitivity mode is greater than 20%, the other scan area design.


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