When Was The Earliest Invention Of The Explosive Detector?

- Dec 31, 2019-

Explosives are a kind of substances that cause explosive phenomena. Explosives seriously endanger our lives and property. In China, explosives are strictly controlled. Later, explosives detector was invented as an auxiliary tool for efficient and rapid detection. When was the earliest time for the invention of explosives detector? Here are a few different technical "explosive detector" earliest time inferences for your reference:

The first animal explosive detector

It's true that the first animals we checked for explosives and drugs should be the most loyal friend of human beings - dogs, because their noses are very sensitive, and dogs have been domesticated and trained into professional sniffer dogs for war demining and bomb disposal. If sniffer dog is regarded as "explosive detector", according to the historical situation, the discovery of this explosive detector should be at the time of the first World War (1914-1918), and sniffer dog is used as a tool of "explosive detector" for explosion and mine detection. But our country should have sniffer dog as a medium "explosive detector" in the period of Anti Japanese War (1931-1945).

The first explosive detector based on ion mobility spectroscopy

Nowadays, the ion mobility spectrum explosive detector is widely used in our country. The ion mobility spectrum has the advantages of fast analysis speed, high sensitivity, portability, easy operation and so on. It has become one of the main methods of explosive detection. IMS Technology is a detection technology developed from the end of 1960s. IMS works under the condition of ambient air pressure, especially suitable for some volatilization Trace detection of organic compounds, such as drugs, explosives, chemical warfare agents and air pollutants. Then, it should be that foreign countries discovered the application of the technology and then invented the explosive detector equipment by using the technology. In China, it is understood that the book "ion migration spectrum" was published by the Industrial Press of the Ministry of national defense in 2010, which shows that China has mastered the core of this technology, and it is also reasonable that "explosive detector" was invented soon after.

The earliest explosive detector based on Raman spectroscopy

Since the Indian scientist C.V. Raman discovered the Raman scattering effect and disclosed the principle, it can be used for the research of molecular structure and the measurement of explosives. In 1987, Perkin Elmer company launched the first NIR ft-r instrument. Since then, academic circles and various countries have begun to study the principle Different Raman spectrometers are designed with this principle. As a neighbor of India, Raman spectroscopy technology should be introduced early and developed slowly in our country. In recent 10 years, there have been more Raman spectrometers. It is estimated that the earliest invention of Raman spectrum explosive detector is in the past few years.

The first explosive detector of fluorescent polymerization technology

The first discovery of fluorescent polymer sensing technology should be abroad. The specific discovery time is beyond investigation. However, Shanghai Institute of microsystems and information technology began to develop high-performance explosives detector of fluorescent polymer technology in July 2005 to provide technical support for biochemical anti-terrorism. On June 8, 2007, Shanghai Rail Transit Public Security Bureau held a counter-terrorism exercise at Lujiazui subway station. In this exercise, the explosive detector with fluorescence polymerization technology was compared with the sniffer dog. The result shows that the detection time of the instrument is obviously faster than that of the sniffer dog.