What To Do Before And After Using The Automatic Weighing Machine?

- Oct 25, 2019-

What to do before and after using the automatic weighing machine?

The automatic weighing machine is now used more and more widely. Many manufacturers gradually use the automatic weighing machine instead of the manual weighing machine. However, there are many people who are not familiar with the automatic weighing machine, so they are not very familiar with the use of the automatic weighing machine. Today, I'm going to tell you a detail about the operation of the automatic weighing machine. What should I check?

Please check the following before the automatic weighing machine runs

1. Check whether the front and rear conveyor belts are in contact with each other.

2. Set parameters to confirm whether the standardization, upper limit and lower limit values are set correctly.

3. The measurement accuracy shall be 10 times from the auxiliary conveyor belt to the same measuring product to confirm whether the fluctuation is large.

4. The confirmation of detection range only transmits the main product, and then transmits the test piece belt on the main product (if there is no test piece, it transmits the unqualified product), and confirms "no detection" and "detection" respectively.

5. Remove the normal products, over weight products and under weight products.


Cleaning after the completion of automatic weight detector

1. Clean the garbage around the scale.

2. Clean the dirt of the whole equipment.

Conduct the following inspection once a month

1. Remove the conveyor belt and check whether the end face is cracked.

2. Confirm that the motor, roller and conveyor belt have no abnormal sound in the running state of the conveyor belt, and the conveyor belt has no deviation.

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