What Should I Pay Attention To When Buying A Metal Detection Security Gate?

- Mar 01, 2021-

What should I pay attention to when buying a metal detection security gate? Take you to understand

Summarized five points of attention: sensitivity, anti-interference, good quality, testing efficiency, qualifications and certificates.

One thing is sensitive and easy to understand. The sensitivity of the security gates produced by each manufacturer is different, and the high-sensitivity security gates can better check the hazards in the work. So how to detect the sensitivity? We can detect the small needles before and after the door. Since the principle of the metal detection security gate is the same as the magnetic field generated by metal objects passing through the pillars on both sides of the door, the magnetic field will generate induction and alarm, which will inevitably lead to the image of the level of defecation from both sides of the door panel to both ends, that is, near the door panels on both sides. The level of bowel movements will be higher than the two ends. Currently, many metal detection manufacturers claim that they will use very thin needles to detect metals. But in fact, many manufacturers only try to detect it when they are very close to the door panels on both sides, but there is almost no response at both ends. When removing a belt buckle, it is very important to detect small pieces of iron and metal. When belt buckles, keys, mobile phones, and coins are removed, controlled knives and guns need to be detected.

The second point is anti-interference. What does this kind of interference mean by security door manufacturers? It is the interference of electronic products such as mobile phones and computers, that is, the door cannot keep ringing when it is swinging. The rigidity and anti-interference ability of the metal detection security gate indirectly affect the abnormal operation of the metal detection security gate. Some companies and users did not notice this relationship when they purchased metal detection security gates, or were evaded by some manufacturers, resulting in poor rigidity of the purchased metal detection security gates. 1. False alarms caused by emergencies have severely affected abnormal operations. Based on the magnetic field sensing principle of the metal detection security gate, when the magnetic field of the metal detection security gate is touched, clutter will cause false alarms. When metal detection and inspection pass, even if no one passes by, the magnetic field will oscillate (such as strong wind blowing or slamming the door to swing the door), and no false alarm will occur. When the magnetic field oscillates at the moment a person passes by, it is necessary to ensure the recovery of the deformity and maintain false positives.