What Should Be Noticed In Choosing An Access Control System.

- Apr 20, 2018-

What should be noticed in choosing an access control system.


Access control, known as the name, is one of the components of our access management equipment. With the rapid progress of science and technology, access control is not only a key problem. But gradually developed into a complete management system. For work security, attendance and so on, have a huge role. So, choose to access what needs attention? We have to look at the specific introduction of Suzhou Aoteng today.

What do you need to pay attention to?


1. It's not expensive to choose the right one.

Do not know from when, the price of the selection of the product standard has been subverted, people began to form a misunderstanding when buying products, that is, the more expensive the better the product, the simple high price is equal to high quality, really is this?


We discuss this problem from the LCD function of access control system. Liquid crystal is not a necessary component of access control system, but it can make users understand more information more intuitively, thus becoming a symbol of fashion. But the liquid crystal is usually relatively fragile, can not withstand a long time of exposure, humidity and other environment, and once the liquid crystal damage, it will cause damage to the card reader circuit, so that the card reader failure, resulting in unnecessary losses. Therefore, the author believes that the access control system with liquid crystal display should not be bought for the sake of fashion.


2. Who buys the product

Factory direct sales is a very attractive word, because this is often equivalent to a very low price, so users like to buy products directly from manufacturers. But this depends on the product. Suzhou Oteng provides a general series of three roll sluices (three roll gates, tripod turnstile, channel, three fork gate), pendulum brake (Intelligent swing gate, electric swing gate, human swing barrier gate, manual swing brake machine) and wing gate (lock, fast wing, subway wing, intelligent wing, soft wing), one stick gate (one stick gates, one rod gates), a flat brake(all high wing brake) and rotation. Turnstile gate (full high rotation door, half high switch, cross switch), barrier free channel system (real time image capture) and other styles and different grades of products for users to choose.


First of all, a strong manufacturer seldom sells products directly to consumers.


Secondly, the entrance guard products are not like ordinary daily necessities, and OK is used. It also needs later technical support, and it is difficult to get support and cooperation from agents or engineers, and it is likely that more money will be paid in the construction and service links if it is purchased directly from the manufacturer.


3, the choice of card type

The most popular card types and formats are: EM (ID read-only) card, Mifareone (M1 readable and writable) card, logic card, TM card and so on. Among them, ID card and M1 card occupy almost 90% of the market share of contactless cards.


The characteristics of ID card are: good price ratio, the highest market share, long reading distance, shortcoming is read-only, suitable for door control, attendance, parking and other systems, not suitable for non fixed consumption system. The advantage of M1 card is readable and writable multi-function card. The disadvantages are: the price is too expensive, the induction distance is short, it is suitable for the non quota consumption system. If an enterprise needs to consider the consumption of smart cards at the same time, it is better to use M1 card. ID card is the first choice if it is only used for attendance check.


What should be noticed in the choice of entrance guard. From the introduction of Suzhou above, we can find that the choice of access control is not to choose expensive ones, but to choose the right ones. After all, only the best is the right one. Therefore, if you have any need for gate control, you can call our Suzhou Air Technology Consulting Hotline: 13656250456, they will give you a professional introduction.