What Should Be Done Before The Treasure Hunt?

- Mar 06, 2018-

What should be done before the treasure hunt?


When we see someone outside the treasure, often feel very simple, is holding a underground metal detector sweep around on the ground? In fact, when starting out treasure, they have made full preparations, for example, good information to check in advance, where is there may be a treasure, as well as on their own clothing inspection instrument, the following look together treasure related preparation work before!  


The battery received instrument battery socket, turn the power switch of the battery, the power switch and then open the instrument, instrument began to warm-up, during this period of time should be put into the air detection plate does not move, if you press the knob over, hands can no longer offset is zero, said preheating end can detect work,


Random optional size two detection plate, using a small instrument detection disc, stable work, clear instructions, but the detection depth is small, the use of large detection disk, can reach the maximum detection depth of the instrument, but poor stability, beginners often blindly pursue probing depth, first using large detection disk, due to the geological results the complex structure of the instrument


Everywhere, we can't detect anything. It is suggested that under normal circumstances, we should use small probes to detect, especially in areas where metal impurities are much.


Instrument actual detection when the operator holds the handle mine engineer, make detection disc slowly along the ground and move, should keep the detection disc and about 20 cm ground for the whole detection process, try not to make the distance changes suddenly suddenly small, probe into the metal instrument will produce a sound. At the same time, the pointer of the electric meter will also have the scale indication.


We are in the process into the treasure in the field, do not blindly go to the deep mountains and forests, we must first understand clearly and then treasure the premise to ensure its own security under!