What's The Use And Advantage Of Food Metal Detector?

- Aug 29, 2019-

Food metal detector, as its name implies, as long as you hear its name, you will know what the machine is used for, ranging from food, medicine, aquatic products and other industries involving millions of households to professional fields, such as plastic particle production, injection processing, etc. Here we will focus on the food industry, manufacturing. Pharmaceutical industry.


What's the use of metal detector? At present, this detector is mainly used in the fields of food and food raw materials, pharmaceuticals, health products and so on. Its function is to detect and automatically eliminate metal foreign bodies mixed into products due to various factors in the production process. When metal debris and metal impurities pass through the magnetic field area generated by the detector, the machine can detect the presence of metal impurities through the change of the surrounding magnetic field through digital processing, and give out the output of logical signals to generate alarm information (such as alarm sound and alarm lamp). The automatic eliminating device will act after receiving the control signal. Automatically remove metal impurities from the product line and flow into the waste bin to ensure product safety. This not only improves product quality, but also protects the corporate image of the production enterprises and the personal safety of the final consumers.

What's the advantage of using food metal detector? On-line monitoring, testing and processing of raw materials, production links and other processes produce and mix metal foreign bodies, record the source of foreign bodies, improve product quality; Protect the equipment running on the production line, avoid the damage caused by the entry of metal foreign bodies, save time for shutdown maintenance. Meanwhile, we should reduce maintenance costs and improve production efficiency; avoid complaints about foreign objects in the use of products by end consumers; protect the corporate image of production enterprises and establish a good reputation; and comply with the laws and regulations formulated by the state and industry standards.


What are the advantages of touch screen digital metal detector produced by Suzhou Aoteng Electron Technology Co., Ltd? 7-inch large screen display, touch screen operation, simple screen, intuitive operation; can be built-in large capacity SD card, large data storage function, product configuration number, detection data and other storage bars are not limited (in theory can achieve massive data), to meet the needs of large data, and can be used through USB interface U disk guide. Output, ensure data traceability; Sealed structure design, using SUS304 stainless steel manufacturing, dust-proof, rust-proof, simple structure, easy cleaning, to achieve 360 degrees without dead angle, in line with health standards, machine materials thick, durable; Intelligent operating system, high detection accuracy, good stability, dialogue It can achieve IP65 protection level and meet the certification requirements of HACCP, FDA, etc. Different sizes can also be customized according to the requirements of design and manufacture, which greatly meets the needs of different users.