What's The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Walk Through Metal Detector Gate?

- Oct 24, 2019-

What's the difference between indoor and outdoor walk through metal detector?

As we all know, the walk through metal detector gate is divided into indoor security gate and outdoor waterproof security door. What's the difference between indoor security gate and outdoor security gate? Today, Aoteng brand security inspection equipment manufacturers come to give you a brief introduction.

1. Door panel difference: our company's indoor security door panel depth is 55cm, while the outdoor security door depth is 61cm;

2. Difference of foot cover: the foot cover of outdoor security door is 6cm higher than that of indoor security door, which is mainly to prevent the low end of the door plate from soaking.


3. Case difference: the outdoor security door case is made of aluminum-plastic plate, and the connection between the case and the door panel is provided with waterproof rubber ring. But even outdoor security doors are not recommended to be placed completely in the open.

The main difference between the indoor security door and the outdoor security door is whether it is fully waterproof or not. The indoor and outdoor doors are made of different materials, different processes, different waterproof grades, different labor and manufacturing time. During the manufacturing process, we have more strict inspection on the outdoor security doors, which can enhance the resistance of the outdoor security doors in the natural environment.

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