What's The Difference Between A Single-energy X-ray Machine And A Dual-energy X-ray Machine?

- Jul 19, 2019-

Customers often ask why the x-ray baggage scnaner security machines with the same channel size are divided into A and C. The appearance is the same, but the price is so different.

First of all, the two machines have the same size of detection channels (for example, a X-ray security machine with a width of 500 mm * and a height of 300 mm), and the same principle of detection is applied. Both of them are X-rays that penetrate the scanned object, and then show the shape and color of the object. Operating software is also operated by keyboard and mouse.


There are two main differences between the A and C type of 5030 x-ray security machines:

First, the core X-ray sources are different. The X-ray power of type A is 70 KV, and that of type C is 140 KV. At the same time, it represents the different penetration force. 5030A security inspection machine can penetrate 8-10mm stainless steel plate, 5030C can penetrate more than 40mm stainless steel plate.


Second, based on the different X-ray sources, different imaging angles and modes, gatekeeper 5030A security inspection machine is single-energy imaging, single-energy X-ray imaging can only be imaged through different attenuation of rays, can not distinguish the different density very well, so the color of the image displayed is not so rich and obvious. The 5030C security inspection machine is a dual-energy imaging system, which displays more abundant colors, stronger layers and clearer distinctions between organic, inorganic and mixed substances. The spectrum produced by dual-energy X-ray has two bands with two central values. The single energy has only one band and a central value.

From the above comparison, we can see the differences between the two security machines. The 5030A is generally used in exhibitions, factories, public activities and other places where the requirements are not particularly high, while the 5030C is mainly used in public prosecution law units, prisons, government organs, interrogation, high confidentiality and other places.