What Role Can The Temperature Measurement Security Gate Play During The Spring Festival?

- Jan 16, 2021-

In December 2019, the new coronavirus epidemic began to break out in my country. As of January 13, 2021, a total of 98,184 confirmed cases have been reported nationwide. There are currently 1,641 confirmed cases and 4,465 imported cases. There are 25,875,157 confirmed cases overseas. The domestic epidemic is still serious, but according to the predictions of experts, there is still the possibility of a second wave of epidemics during the Spring Festival! To this end, Suzhou Aoteng Technology launched a temperature measurement security door in March 2020, using Hikvision’s latest binocular embedded thermal imaging thermometer._20210116091523_So what scenarios are the temperature measurement security doors suitable for? First of all, the places with the highest transmission risk: hospitals; the temperature measurement security doors installed at the entrance of the hospital can measure the temperature and capture the faces of people entering the hospital for medical treatment. First, the flow of people in the hospital is It is very large, so it is very necessary to install such a temperature measuring door in the hospital. Installing a temperature measuring door can reduce the workload of the guards at the door. Now most hospitals use manual forehead thermometers to measure temperature. Registering personal information again, now allows patients to register information directly after passing through the temperature measurement security gate, or select only those whose temperature exceeds the threshold to register information.20201026090935_Secondly, public security bureaus and other government agencies, public security bureaus usually require metal detection functions in addition to temperature measurement in order to ensure safety. The second temperature measurement security gate can perfectly meet this demand. Metal detection is performed at the same time as temperature measurement. Metal detection can also detect metal the size of a paper clip, which is a very meticulous metal detection to ensure the safety of the staff of government agencies. Suzhou Aoteng Technology welcomes your inquiries!