What Qualification Certificate Is Required For Explosive Detector Equipment?

- Dec 02, 2019-

What qualification certificate is required for explosive detector equipment?

In today's society, a lot of things need a quality measurement standard. For example, some enterprises do mobile phones, computers, air conditioners, washing machines, security inspection equipment, security inspection machines and so on, which are all certified by a series of products. Then, as a professional explosive detection equipment - explosive detector, it is commonly used in subway, railway, public prosecution, judicial, border armed police and government Units, postal logistics and other key security zones, what qualification certificates do you need? Peihong electronic, as a professional explosion exploration R & D manufacturer in China, provides the following certificate requirements for reference (for reference only):

1. Business license

When it comes to business license, many people may laugh. Isn't it necessary? Yes, it is required. If an enterprise can't operate normally and has no business license, we certainly can't ask for its products. A business license is a certificate issued by the administrative department for Industry and commerce to an industrial and commercial enterprise or self-employed person for permission to engage in a certain production and business operation. Represent the state's business and legal recognition of enterprises.

2. Relevant qualification certificate of the Ministry of public security of the people's Republic of China for explosive detector (certified by the national security alarm system testing center and the Ministry of public security quality testing center for security and police electronic products)

Explosive detector is often used in public security, court, subway, railway and other key security areas. When it is used for public security police, it must obtain the relevant qualification certificate from the public security department. This paper introduces a certification center: the testing center of the first Research Institute of the Ministry of public security, which is the inspection designated by the national compulsory certification (CCC) for security products designated by the China Certification and Accreditation Administration Committee Organization, the designated compulsory certification business scope includes four categories and eleven kinds of products, which is the only inspection organization in China that can carry out compulsory certification and testing of all eleven kinds of security products.

3. Certificate of high tech enterprise

High tech enterprises are residential enterprises that have been registered in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) for more than one year, in the high-tech fields supported by the state, continuously carry out research and development and transformation of technological achievements, form core independent intellectual property rights of enterprises, and carry out production and operation activities on this basis. Many explosive detector companies are agents or third-party agents. They may not produce the product by themselves. Most of those enterprises do not have high-tech enterprise certification or their own R & D and production departments.

4. Radiation safety license of explosive detector

As for X-ray security inspection machine, we all know that there is radiation, and relevant radiation certification is required. For example, the radiation safety license issued by Guangdong Environmental Protection Bureau to Peihong electronics, but the explosive detector judges whether there is radiation or pollution according to its components and configuration. If there is, the radiation safety license is also required.

5. Quality management system certification

Quality management system certification refers to the evaluation of the quality management system of an enterprise by the third-party certification body that has obtained the qualification of quality management system certification according to the officially issued quality management system standards. If the quality management system is assessed as qualified, the third-party organization shall issue the quality management system certification and publish the registration to prove that the quality management and quality assurance ability of an enterprise meet the corresponding standards Quasi or capable of providing products according to specified quality requirements. For example, "ISO9001 quality management system certification", "ISO14001 environmental management system certification", "OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification".