What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To In Selecting And Buying Swing Gate

- Apr 16, 2018-

What problems should be paid attention to in selecting and buying swing gate


As a familiar channel brake producpendulum barrier gate, it has been widely applied in our life. Supermarkets, communities and other places can really be seen everywhere. The high quality swing gate can not only improve the management efficiency, reduce the management cost, but also provide a good security effect. Therefore, it is very important to choose the swing gate. Today, let's see how to choose a good pendulum gate product. I hope to be of help to you.


What problems should be paid attention to in selecting and buying swing barrier gate?


1, the selection of the material for the gate: swing gate for people to use, a variety of external forces are frequent, mechanical strength is an important consideration; the long operation of the swing gate is a "portal", it should be beautiful, so the selection of 1.5 - 2.0mm stainless steel material is necessary. Stainless steel is divided into various types, preferably 304 stainless steel. Door material is good with flexible material, which ensures a certain buffer space and is conducive to the long time and high frequency use of barrier gates.


2, quartz glass should be used above the bar code reader card reader: the bar code reader must be transparent above the bar code reader, low cost of organic glass, easy to process and install, but after many times brush, glass will wear rough, affect the reading speed and accuracy of bar code, so wear resistant quartz glass must be used.


3, the speed of checking tickets should be fast: Gate traffic flow and ticket speed are important indicators. Ticket speed depends on gate control mode, communication network mode, ticket processing software and mechanical action speed. Generally, the response speed of the brake is within 500ms.


4, swing life: swing is driven by electric motor, and keeps moving. The life of motor and the life of deceleration mechanism determine the mechanical life of equipment.


5, selection of the type of brake machine: after considering the specific environment of the swing gate, choose the most suitable setting for the operating environment, for example, if in the case of the supermarket without the need to check the ticket, it is possible to choose a functional column without a test ticket, a mechanical swing gate, a place with certain requirements for identification in the office building, and the choice of a test ticket. Automatic pendulum function, if the requirements for the shape of the pendulum are relatively high, the baking paint and swing gate can be selected.


What problems should be paid attention to in order to choose and buy swing gate . The above is the introduction of our aoteng technician in Suzhou to solve this problem. Suzhou aoteng is a professional manufacturer of three roller gates, wing gates, falp gate and other gate manufacturers. We have our own production workshop, so we can make orders for the customers according to the needs of customers. If you have any need, call the hotline: 013656250456, our staff will give you professional answers.