What Parameters Should We Pay Attention To When Purchasing Food Metal Detector

- Sep 18, 2019-

Nowadays, many food manufacturers pay more and more attention to the word-of-mouth of their products, and are striving to improve the quality of products and enhance the image of enterprises in the eyes of consumers. In particular, food metal detectors, which are used to detect metal foreign bodies in food, are added by many enterprises to ensure that products mixed with metal impurities and metal debris due to various reasons can be detected in the production line and automatically eliminated to the recycling bin before they go to the market. So, what parameters should new food factories or enterprises that need to open up new pipelines pay attention to when purchasing metal detectors? The following AOTENG edition gives you an introduction for your reference.


1. The opening size of the probe head, which is determined by the size of the actual product produced by the enterprise, generally speaking, the larger the aperture, the higher the detection sensitivity, on the contrary, the smaller the aperture, the lower the detection sensitivity. The size chosen must be larger than the size of the product, otherwise the product can not pass the detector. Otherwise, some purchasers blindly pursue the detection accuracy, and feel that as long as the product can pass, the smaller the aperture of the detection head is, the better. This is not exactly the case. Here we need to know that the product itself will produce a signal similar to metal when it passes through the probe. We call it product effect or material effect. When the aperture is small, the effect will increase accordingly. Especially when the product contains more water and salt, the effect will be more obvious. Sometimes it will even affect the normal detection of the machine. 。 At present, AOTENG's new metal detector has the characteristics of automatic learning products, automatic identification of products and metals, good product effect inhibition ability and good product adaptability, which greatly increases the detection of products with more water and salt than traditional detectors (such as fresh meat products, chafing dish base, etc.).

2. The conveyor can carry the weight of the product. In order to reduce the cost, the general metal testing machine on the market has a relatively small load-bearing range, which is basically less than 10 kg. It can only pass through some lighter products. If the product is slightly heavy, the conveyor can not drive normally at all. The conveyor of AOTENG's conventional model metal testing machine can carry a weight of 40 kg to meet most of the products. Transportation needs, as well as the choice of heavy-duty models (up to 80 kg), can solve the requirements of all enterprises on product load capacity.

3. Conveyor's conveying speed, this parameter is also important. The conveying speed range of the traditional metal detector is relatively small, and the detection sensitivity of the machine will be different at different speeds. Often, it can only have a better sensitivity at one speed. Once the speed changes, the sensitivity will decrease significantly, and sometimes it can't even work properly. AOTENG's new metal detector has a speed range of 5 meters per minute to 40 meters per minute, and each speed can achieve a high detection accuracy, basically at the same sensitivity level.

4. Whether the functions of food metal detectors are complete or not, many metal detectors in the market are single now. They are displayed on monochrome screen, not very beautiful, not intuitive to operate, relatively low detection sensitivity, poor product adaptability and other shortcomings. With the promulgation of various laws and regulations, it is imperative that all kinds of detection devices have complete functions and are easy to operate, especially for mining. Food production enterprises with automated assembly line operation, after all, the staff is flesh and blood, it is impossible to ensure attention at all times, a long time will produce fatigue. So are there any detectors that can overcome these shortcomings? Yes, AOTENG new food metal detection machine can completely solve these problems for you. It is equipped with intelligent dialog operation system. It uses color screen display, simple screen, intuitive operation, and can also choose 7 Inch Touch screen. It has automatic setting function, automatic product effect suppression, and can automatically identify the difference between products and metals. It has high detection accuracy and product adaptability. Strong, can adapt to high moisture and salt content products, drying products and almost most other products; In addition, integrated with a complete database, including product database, testing information records database, to achieve product traceability; user-level functions, different staff categories, set different passwords, easy to manage; also equipped with printer interface (for real-time printing information) USB interface (data can be exported through U disk).