What Lens Do The Vehicle Bottom Inspection Mirror System Use?

- Mar 07, 2018-

What lens do the vehicle bottom inspection mirror system use?


Vehicle inspection system, generally applied in the majority, mainly used in vehicle clearance inspection of the vehicle bottom contraband and illegal exit, if the two car changes, a great convenience to the majority of owners of travel.


The lens used for under vehicle inspection system is divided into five parts: video vehicle bottom inspection mirror, portable car bottom inspection mirror, flexural video car bottom inspection mirror, fixed car bottom inspection mirror and mobile video vehicle bottom inspection mirror.


Video vehicle bottom inspection mirror usually uses CCD camera as probe, which can be extended to the bottom of the car to detect suspicious objects. Meanwhile, the area image is returned to the display screen of the handle.


Portable vehicle inspection mirror with circular or square convex mirror, generally used in raids, convenient carrying, fast operation, the disadvantage is fragile.


The flexiable video vehicle bottom inspection mirror is made of Lan Baoshi camera lens and stainless steel camera case, which is characterized by the front probe can be bent 360 degrees, and the 120 degree wide range of wide angle lens is observed.


The fixed vehicle bottom inspection lens is camera lens, stainless steel lens protective cover, self equipped vehicle bottom scanning camera, equipped with LED lamp lighting, stainless steel case protection, making the video clearer.


The mobile video vehicle bottom inspection lens is also captured by camera, but it is not so strict with the site requirements. Most of them are used for assault inspection and easy to carry.

The above is the various types of vehicle bottom inspection system for all kinds of lens!