What Is The Reason Why The Sensitivity Of Metal Detector Is Not Up To Standard?

- Aug 26, 2020-

In order to detect metal impurities more accurately, the current metal detector equipment has a higher sensitivity, but some users have the wrong sensitivity in the use process. What is the reason why the sensitivity of metal detector is not up to standard?

In order to provide the product safety and factory pass rate, there are accurate requirements for the detection accuracy of the equipment, especially in the application of food, medicine, chemical industry, plastic and other industries, the requirements for the sensitivity of metal detector are very high, and the following conditions will affect the detection sensitivity of the equipment:


1. At present, there are many kinds of detection methods for metal detector, such as digital dual frequency, digital single frequency, analog machine and so on. The corresponding detection sensitivity is also different;

2. The smaller the detection port, the higher the sensitivity; similarly, the smaller the contact surface between the detection object and the detection probe, the higher the detection accuracy;

3. Apart from the factors of the equipment itself, the characteristics of the tested object should be considered, because the product effect is an important factor affecting the sensitivity of the metal detector, such as packaging material, temperature, shape, water content, etc., which will have a greater impact on the product effect. In this case, the sensitivity should be adjusted according to different conditions;

4. In addition to equipment and product factors, we should also pay attention to the use environment of metal detector. If there are metal, magnetic, vibration and other factors around the environment, it will cause certain interference to the detection of the equipment, which will lead to the situation that the sensitivity is not up to standard, which needs to be avoided;

The above is Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to explain to you several factors that affect the sensitivity of metal detector. In the process of purchasing and using the equipment, we will also let the technical personnel carry out all aspects of explanation and training, so that you can be more familiar with the equipment. At present, we can customize the exclusive metal detection equipment scheme for all walks of life. Welcome to contact and consult with customers in need!