What Is The Difference Between The Swing Gate And The Tripod Turnstile

- Apr 17, 2018-

What is the difference between the swing gate and the tripod turnstile


Swing gates and three roller gates are the most common products in the current barrier gate products. However, when many customers choose their gate, they don't know how to choose. Today, let's learn about the difference between the swing gate and the three roller brake. Which kind of brake machine is suitable for yourself. I hope to be able to help you.

What is the difference between the swing gate and the three - roll gates?


What is the difference between the swing gate and the tripod turnstile?

The high-tech product for intelligent management of swing gate is intelligent on three roller gate upgrading product. It is mainly used in residential areas or schools, factories, for staff exit, import bicycles, electric self driving, motorcycles and other control places. intelligent swing gate has fine processing, complete function and high grade. The shape of the swing gate device is made of stainless steel plate, beautiful and elegant, antirust and durable, and the standard electrical interface is adopted. The switch can easily integrate the card, bar code card, ID card, IC card and other card reader on this equipment, through the selection of various kinds of cards. Identification system equipment and the use of reliable safety protection device, alarm device, direction indication and so on, through the swing and gate coordination to realize the intelligent control and management of the channel to provide a civilized and orderly way for the entry and exit personnel, and the swing gate can also stop illegal personnel entry; in the case of emergency, ensure the channel. Unimpeded, convenient for people to evacuate in time.


The three roll gate is a modern control equipment for pedestrian flow. It is used in the place where people need to be controlled out and imported, providing an orderly and civilized way for the people entering and leaving, and eliminating illegal entry and exit. Such as intelligent community, exhibition, auditorium, dining hall, hotel, museum, gymnasium, club, subway, station, wharf and so on. The three roll gate is used in combination with intelligent card, fingerprint, bar code and other identification system equipment. It forms an intelligent access control system. It is used in combination with computer, entrance control, attendance, charge management, ticket system and other software. It can form a comprehensive control system of intelligent channel gate, which can realize entrance, attendance, consumption and ticket sales. The function of limiting flow and so on. The general three roll gate shape is made of homemade material (No. 304) stainless steel sheet, with beautiful appearance, rust resistance and durability, and it can resist external damage. Rectangular enclosure with gate rod passage can be, and in case of emergency or stoplevers fast control rod.


The three roller brake can be divided into three full automatic brake, semi-automatic brake and three mechanical brake. Its components include: chassis, movement, driving plate, motor, direction indicator, access control department, and matching counters.


What is the difference between the swing gate and the three - roll sluice. The above is our technical staff Suzhou aoteng on this issue for everyone to make the introduction. In fact, no matter the three roll gate or wing brake, it is the best for customers. Therefore, if you want to install the brake, you can dial our enquiry hotline: 013656250456, our staff will give you professional reply.