What Is A Portable Metal Security Door?

- Apr 19, 2018-

What is a portable metal security door?


At present, we see the largest number of digital metal detection doors on the market, which are fixed installations and limited installation conditions. So what is the portable security door now and what is a portable metal security door? The portable security door is a portable, high performance security door, with high sensitivity to metal detection, portable, portable, waterproof and lightweight. Only one operator can carry it to any location and assemble it in five minutes. The normal work is an ideal metal detecting door for sports meetings, meetings and schools. At the same time, it has the characteristics of simple operation and complete portability, so it is easy to operate and can be installed and used almost without any operation training.


The portable archway door frame metal detector security gate has obtained many patents of appearance mechanism, and has obtained the copyright of the software system registration. This product uses electromagnetic field to detect the detection structure of portable metal objects, and uses the way of acousto-optic alarm to show that the passing metal is more than a certain amount. It is composed of main engine, high frequency signal generator, signal receiver and infrared sensor. With the features of beautiful appearance, strong metal detection ability, multiple detection and defense area, unique internet remote operation management system, portable and waterproof features, it can be disassembled into 8 components, can be conveniently carried and transported, and is the portable security door leading the front of the market.


In order to meet more user needs, the device inherits more humanized functions to facilitate the selection of users, such as the human body temperature measurement system, visual intercom system, pedestrian detection video system, face recognition system and so on, and more functions can be developed according to the requirements.


The portable explosive drug detection instrument developed by Suzhou opt Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been widely used in public security anti-terrorism, airport, court, procuratorate, prison, car station, museum, school, gymnasium, exhibition and exhibition. At the same time, it also applies to the inspection of electronic, hardware, gold and silver jewellery. It will continuously upgrade and improve the safety inspection equipment for the market, and provide the people with personal safety and the protection of public safety.