What Is A Handheld Type Underground Metal Detector

- Jan 26, 2018-

What is a handheld type underground metal detector


Hand-held type underground metal detector has the characteristics of wide detection, accurate positioning, strong resolution, easy operation and so on. It is mainly used to detect and identify buried metal objects. In addition to its military application, it is also widely used in security inspection, archaeology, prospecting, and searching for waste metals; it is a good helper for the recycling of waste metals and materials.


It takes advantage of the principle of electromagnetic induction and uses a coil that has alternating current to produce a rapidly changing magnetic field. This magnetic field can produce a eddy current within a metal body. The eddy current produces a magnetic field, which affects the original magnetic field and causes the detector to make a sound.


Sensitivity control can help control the magnetic field of the detector, reduce the influence of electromagnetic interference, and reduce the sensitivity of the magnetic field generated by the detection coil when interference occurs, which can weaken the influence of external electromagnetic interference, and make the detector work normally.


Metal buried in the underground, through thick layer of soil to detect, will inevitably be affected by the geological structure. The soil layer contains all kinds of minerals. They also cause signals to be detected by the detectors. The signals of these minerals will hide the signals of metal and cause false alarm. People who have used the domestic handheld metal detectors will have such experience. With the close proximity to mound, stone and brick, they will send out alarm sounds. This phenomenon will become "mineralization reaction". Because of this reason, the domestic handheld metal detector can only detect the metal on the shallow surface. The bounty hunter metal detector equipped with the advanced ground balance system can eliminate all the mineralization reactions, and greatly improve the detection depth and effect of the instrument.


All the detection depth detector with handheld metal detecting area, shape, weight, burial time, soil texture, soil moisture, user proficiency, have a great relationship, in general, the greater area, the more the number of soil moisture, the smaller, lower density, burial time is longer, the more to increase the detection depth detector. The depth of the instrument is the maximum depth that can be reached in the best case according to the industrial standard of the product. In addition, when the power is low, when the power is insufficient, the detection depth will be attenuated. In this case, the battery is needed to be replaced in time.