What Industry And How Is Automatic Weight Detector Used?

- Dec 13, 2019-

What industry and how is automatic weight detector used?

Automatic weight detector is widely used in the production line of automatic manufacturing enterprises, which can prevent the outflow of defective products, monitor the weight of products in real time, reflect the quality of customers' products through the weight parameters, and detect whether the product packaging is missing? Is the quantity correct? Complete package?

Missing (multiple) weight detector, food and drug weight detector, dynamic weight detector

Scope of application: This product is suitable for testing whether the single weight of small weight articles is qualified. It is widely used in electronic, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, health products, daily chemicals, light industry, agricultural and sideline products and other industries. It is especially suitable for the pharmaceutical and health care products industry to test whether the tablet drugs are few or many; whether the drugs in powder bags are short or many; whether the weight of liquid drugs meets the standard requirements; and whether the accessories of drugs are missing (such as instructions, desiccants, etc.).


Is the single weight applicable to the inspection of weight items qualified?

Number of tested products

Single product is retail, multiple products are wholesale, sales channels are different, product packaging specifications are different, for the box, bag, box packaging, there are quantitative restrictions, more manufacturers have losses, less customers will complain. In order to ensure the quantity of product packaging, it is necessary to use a weight detector, which can monitor the quantity of product packaging and remove defective products in time.

Test individual product weight

For example, in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, a single product has specifications. For these specifications, we can judge whether they are up to the standard by measuring the weight. The weight scale can dynamically detect the weight of the product, and can quickly respond to ensure the quality of different specifications of the product.

Product safety inspection

For some electric appliances, they are made up of many parts. If one part is missing, there may be hidden danger. The use of weighing machine to detect the weight of finished products can find this problem, which can avoid the potential safety risks of defective products entering the market.

Test product packaging accessories

When many products are packed, auxiliary materials will be added, such as desiccant for food, instructions for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, straw for drinks, etc. without these auxiliary materials, unnecessary troubles will be caused to users, and some products may have potential safety hazards. The dynamic weight detector can detect the weight of the product, and also can detect whether the product is lack of packaging auxiliary materials. Therefore, products with packaging auxiliary materials also need to be monitored by the weight detector

Product quality inspection

In the quality management system, product weighing up to standard is one of the main standards of product quality requirements, while the weight detector is a weighing device to check whether the product weight is up to standard, which can ensure the quality of the product. Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of weight detector, weight detector, weight classifier, weight sorter, etc;