What Industries Are Dynamic Weighing Systems And Automatic Weighing Machines Suitable For?

- Aug 19, 2019-

Dynamic weighing system automatic weighing machine (automatic weighing scale) is a high-speed, high-precision online weighing equipment, which is mainly used for automatic weight selection on various automation pipelines and logistics transportation systems, product weight upper and lower limits discrimination or grouping products according to weight. So what kind of industry is the automatic weighing machine of dynamic weighing system suitable for?


The industry scope of automatic weighing machine:

Pharmaceutical industry: There are strict requirements for pharmaceutical products. The weight of products and the number of packages must be accurate. The weight detection of pharmaceutical products includes: the weight detection of blood sugar meter test strip, Chinese medicine granules, plasters and other products.

Daily chemical industry: The quality of products can be strictly controlled by using weight sorter in daily chemical industry. The data feedback function of weight sorter can also help daily chemical enterprises to control production costs. Weight sorter is used in laundry liquid, toothpaste, pesticides and other production.

Food industry: Food industry is relatively special. The state has clear weight requirements for food packaging, such as snacks, instant noodles, chocolate, candy, milk tea, biscuits, puffed food, jelly and other products, which are widely used.

Other industries: For products with weight requirements, or require weight sorting for different weight products (e.g. large size, medium size), or weight classification for chicken leg, chicken fin, fish fillet installation products.

The automatic weighing scale (weight sorter) of Suzhou Otten has high precision, fast speed and excellent integration, which is suitable for on-line dynamic weighing of manufacturers with high accuracy requirements for symmetrical weighing.

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