What Important Systems Are Metal Detectors Made Up Of?

- Jun 17, 2019-

Metal detector detects mixed metal impurities by electromagnetic induction principle. Its interior mainly consists of three parts: electrical system, coil system and transmission and removal system. Its different systems are responsible for the corresponding functional parts, and together constitute the whole metal detection process.

Electrical system: It is an important part of the whole testing equipment. It mainly deals with the signal processing of the EMF changes detected by the coil system, and adjusts the parameters of various products to complete the metal testing process.

Coil system: Coil is the main part of equipment detection accuracy, mainly composed of three parallel and symmetrical coils. When the product containing metal foreign body passes through, it will destroy the balance of the original magnetic field, and then generate non-zero inductive electromotive force. The voltage signal is sent to the electrical system for signal processing. Hyman's metal detector has created a new multi-coil structure, which can effectively reduce the interference caused by the current and the environment, so that the anti-interference ability of the equipment to the external environment can be better improved!

Transport and Removal System: It mainly provides the physical carrier for product transmission and removal to ensure the orderly passage of materials while accurately removing materials polluted by metal impurities. However, due to the difference of different types of equipment, their conveying mode, removal mode and part structure are also different, such as pipeline type equipment and conveyor belt type, there are great differences, and their scope of application is also different.

The above three systems are important components of metal detectors, which have an important impact on the practicability and accuracy of the equipment. For example, the metal detectors provided by Heiman in the market at present have good detection accuracy and quality, and have a good reputation in the market. Welcome customers who need to contact us for consultation!