What Factors Should Be Taken Into Account When Purchasing Channel-type Security X-ray Machines?

- Oct 09, 2019-

When choosing security X-ray machine, many consumers are concerned about the price first. The price quoted by the manufacturers of channel security X-ray machine varies greatly, but what factors affect the price? AOTENG channel security X-ray machine summarizes three factors that affect the price of channel X-ray machine for you.


1. Brand awareness of channel security X-ray machine

Choosing a well-known security product will be more guaranteed in product quality control and after-sales service. Generally, it has obvious advantages such as long service life, low failure rate and less after-sales service.

2. Motor of Channel Safety X-ray Machine

The motor of the security inspection machine is the core component, which plays a decisive role in the life of the security inspection machine. Choosing a good security inspection machine first depends on its motor brand and service life. Choosing a good motor determines the service life of the security inspection machine.

3. After-sales service of X-ray machine manufacturers for channel security inspection

The after-sales service of the security inspection machine manufacturer is an important guarantee. The after-sales service is one of the key points in the whole sales process of the security inspection equipment. A good security inspection machine manufacturer should do well in the after-sales service first. Only when the after-sales service is good, can the manufacturer's popularity be improved.

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