What Contraband Can The Walk Through Security Gate Detect?

- Nov 14, 2019-

What contraband can the walk through security gate detect?

If the passenger passes through the walk through security gate of the railway station, which contraband items can be detected at the walk through metal detector at the moment: such as knives, but according to the rules, kitchen knives, big scissors, big fruit knives, razors and other daily knives are not allowed to be carried with them, but the passenger can be handled and mailed as luggage. The above rules also apply to carving knives, knives, spears, swords, halberds and axes, chisels, hammers, cones, walking sticks with sharp nails or iron headed climbing sticks.

If the passenger inadvertently takes the above-mentioned items with him or her and can put them into the knife self discarding box set in the security check part under the urgent situation, perhaps ask the security check personnel to handle the temporary storage procedures. Many other people will ask, can metal exploration security gate detect drugs and explosives carried by human body? In reality, no matter whether the metal exploration security door is made in China or imported, it is impossible to detect whether the human body has drugs or explosives and other prohibited articles.


Because the principle of the metal exploration gate is to detect the metal through the magnetic field induction. Illegal articles such as drugs and explosives do not have metal components and do not meet the exploration conditions of walk through security gate, so the use of walk through metal detector cannot detect them.

Frankly speaking, the walk through metal detector only detects metal, only the sensitivity of the security door is high enough, and the general metal can be detected. It depends on the application how high the detection sensitivity is required in detail. Of course, the higher the sensitivity, the better the price. The best way to select metal exploration security gate is still to see their own needs, what kind of metal they need to detect, and how big the metal they want to detect, not just the sensitivity. And we need to choose the best manufacturers.