What Can The Walk Through Metal Detector Check?

- Aug 28, 2020-

Whenever we pass through public places such as railway stations, airports, exhibitions, etc., there will be a walk through metal detector security gate at the end, so we are wondering what exactly the security gate checks for us? The security gate is also called the walk through metal detector, which is mainly used to check carry-on and Various metal objects in the package.

Below, we will briefly introduce the working principle of the security check gate: the reason why the security check gate can detect metal objects is because the two door panels are equipped with devices that can emit and receive alternating electromagnetic fields. It uses the principle of electromagnetic induction: a coil with alternating current passing through produces a rapidly changing magnetic field. The magnetic field can induce eddy currents inside the metal object; the eddy currents will generate a magnetic field, which in turn affects the original magnetic field, causing the detector to sound. sound. The accuracy and reliability of metal detectors depend on the stability of the electromagnetic transmitter frequency, and the operating frequency of 80-800 kHz is generally used. The lower the working frequency, the better the detection performance of iron; the higher the working frequency, the better the detection performance of high-carbon steel, as long as it is metal objects or things containing metal objects can basically be detected.


Metal detectors have a wide range of applications. For example, in industrial production, they can detect metal foreign bodies in raw materials, and in construction, they can be used to detect the direction and distribution of underground metal pipelines. In addition, in the military, it can be used to clear mines. In battlefield archaeology, most of the exhibits are metal, such as musket warheads, cartridges, shells, and swords. Therefore, metal detectors are also one of the most important tools for battlefield archaeologists.

If a passenger passes through the security gate of the railway station, the security gate can detect which prohibited items: such as knives. However, according to regulations, household knives such as kitchen knives, large scissors, large fruit knives, razors, etc. are not allowed to be carried on the person, but passengers can be used as luggage Check in. Carving knives, knives, spears, swords, halberds, etc. used in performances by literary and artistic units, as well as axes, chisels, hammers, cones, heavy or spiked walking sticks, and iron-head trekking poles also apply to the above regulations. If passengers accidentally carry the above-mentioned items with them in an emergency, they can put them in the self-disposal box of knives set by the security inspection department, or ask the security personnel to go through temporary storage procedures.

When security check gates are used in bars, KTVs, hotels and other places, they can mainly detect items such as controlled knives, caps, ray tubes, steel pipes, and dangerous appliances that are carried at any time, so as to more effectively protect the personal safety of consumers.

In short, there are a lot of items that can be inspected by the security gate. As long as they are metal items or contain metal items, they can be inspected. It can be used in different places to prevent theft, explosion, and explosion, thereby protecting public safety and property. Safety, and constantly play a role of security.