What Aspects Affect The Sensitivity Of Food Metal Detectors?

- Aug 12, 2019-

Food metal detector is a kind of sensitive detection equipment, its detection sensitivity (detection accuracy) is affected by various aspects. At present, the principle of metal detector is much the same, and its performance depends on the manufacturing process of the detector manufacturer, material selection, hardware circuit and software solidified in the system. Can wait.


On the one hand, good quality metal detector manufacturers will choose good materials, and the manufacturing process is exquisite. It often takes a long time to produce finished products from scrap. Therefore, the cost of equipment is considerable and the price is relatively high. Compared with those machines with low price and rough quality, whether from the appearance or performance of the machine. Stability, detection accuracy and other indicators are much better, the so-called "one price, one goods". On the other hand, it also depends on the performance of equipment control system, including hardware circuit, system software and so on.

In terms of hardware, digital circuits have stronger anti-jamming ability and higher detection sensitivity than analog circuits. In addition, it depends on the performance of hardware circuits. Generally, as far as possible, advanced manufacturers (such as Otten's hardware circuits use high-speed data processors such as DSP, FPGA, ARM, high-performance coprocessors, 32) should be selected. The hardware scheme and components of the bit microcontroller are all the latest products introduced by the old chip company of the United States, which can be guaranteed in terms of performance. In terms of software, metal detectors need to achieve high detection sensitivity, good anti-interference ability and stable performance, which are closely related to the quality of software. The latest software technology is adopted. The performance of the testing machine will be better, such as digital phase modulation technology, phase automatic tracking technology, product effect automatic suppression technology and so on.


What we mentioned above is the rigidity index, and the following is about the self-factors that affect the sensitivity of food metal detectors:

1. Detect the size of probe opening. The smaller the opening size of metal detector is, the higher the sensitivity is. On the contrary, the larger the opening is, the lower the sensitivity is.

2. Product characteristics of products to be tested. Different shapes and sizes of products to be inspected, weight, packaging materials, environmental temperature, salt content, moisture content and so on will affect the sensitivity of metal detectors. That is to say, product effect (material effect), products with large product effect will have lower detection sensitivity, on the contrary. If the product has little effect, the sensitivity of detection will be higher. But for the same product, the detection sensitivity of a good quality detector is much better than that of a rough one.

3. The surrounding environment of the equipment. If there are strong vibration on the ground of metal detector, large fluctuation of power supply voltage, and high-power frequency converter around, it will affect the sensitivity of the machine. Therefore, attention should be paid to the use of food metal detector in general.