What Are The Unique Advantages Of Flap Barrier Gate?

- May 05, 2018-

Wing barrier gate, which is a device specially designed for pedestrian channel management. Its main feature is the fast opening speed. The characteristics of safety, convenience and so on. Therefore, in many places where people have larger traffic volume, we can see the figure of the wing gate. Today, let's take a look at the unique advantages of flap turnstile gates. I hope to be able to give you some help.


What are the unique advantages of flap barrier gate?

First, the wing barrier gate is highly stable during operation, and the whole process from start to run to stop is smooth. The operation of the equipment is no noise and no mechanical wear. The experience is very good in the process of use.


Two, the wings and wings of the opening and closing speed is fast, immediately after the credit card will automatically open. It has greatly improved the efficiency of people's access and made the traffic more smooth.


Three, the design of the wing's double wing is not only fashionable but also practical. The gate of the flap barrier gate uses a quiet design element, and the flank lock will not produce any sound after the card is opened. It embodies the humanized design concept. It is also the progress made by the continuous development of science and technology.


Four. The wing gate is very applicable and can adapt to all kinds of complex environments. It can work normally under various complicated conditions. It can adapt to weak current short circuit, strong light exposure, fog, rain and snow, typhoon weather and environmental changes. This is also an important reason for many places to choose flap turnstile gates.


Five. With the continuous development of technology and technology, the wing lock adopts intelligent design which can be applied to the recognition technology of a number of columns, such as one card fingerprint recognition, face recognition and two-dimensional code.


What are the unique advantages of the flap barrier. From the above introduction, we probably know that the use of wing gates is very popular at present. Moreover, the wing gate can also greatly improve the work efficiency. Let your business or unit save cost. Finally, if you still have questions, you can call the hotline: 0512-88822219, our staff will give you professional answers.