What Are The Specific Classifications Of The Tripod Turnstile Gate?

- Aug 30, 2019-

Tripod turnstile gate, although in the classification of the use of the whole gate is more popular. However, many friends are not very clear about the classification and use of the tripod turnstile gate. Their composition is even more ambiguous. Today, we will introduce to you through the staff of Aoteng, Suzhou, what kinds of tripod turnstile gates are specifically classified, hoping to let you know.


What are the specific classifications of the tripod turnstile gate?

According to the current method, it can be divided into electric tripod turnstile gate and manual tripod turnstile gate.

According to style, it can be divided into bridge type three-roll gate and vertical type three-roll gate.

It can be divided into mechanical electric three-roll gate, semi-active three-roll gate and full-active three-roll gate.

According to the flow rate, it can be divided into ordinary three-roll gate and high-flow three-roll gate.

According to the braking method, it can be divided into three-roll brake with full active braking and three-roll brake with semi-active braking.

At present, the three-roll gates in the mainstream of China are classified as full-active three-roll gates, semi-active three-roll gates and manual three-roll gates.

Fully active three-roll gate: also known as electric three-roll gate, equipped with a motor, the whole operation of the gate is completed by the motor strand, together when the power is on, by the motor strand brake rod rolling, complete the active power-on pole, very convenient to use.

Semi-active three-roll brake: equipped with a motor or two electromagnets, control the direction of entry and exit to determine and unlock. After authorized passage, the electromagnet strand dynamic unlock arm unlocks. The unlocking brake can roll in one direction, and the user can push the brake through the channel lightly.

Semi-active three-roll gate can effectively prevent pedestrian retrograde by planning anti-rotation function.

Manual three-roll brake: pure machinery without any electrical equipment, users only need to gently push the brake bar by hand, can pass through the channel, without swiping cards, positioning and resetting system actively, control one-way free access, lock in the other direction to prohibit access.


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