What Are The Requirements For The Shell Material Of Door Frame Metal Detector?

- Mar 22, 2021-

What are the requirements for the housing of the door frame metal detector? With the advancement of science and technology, people have more and more demands for door frame metal detectors, but the market is also full of inferior door frame metal detectors, so that everyone has no choice. If users are really selected to be qualified, What about door frame metal detectors with limited security?


Usually, door frame metal detectors are designed as independent door frames. The door panels are thin and long in shape and equipped with sensors. The thickness is only 5-6 cm, and the length can reach more than 220 cm. Due to long-term work and installation environment, the door panel is easily deformed, so that the parameters of the sensor are very different from those at the factory, which affects the detection effect and makes it impossible to perform long-term work.

The material of the door frame is one of the main indicators that affect the quality of the door frame metal detector. Because in a safe electromagnetic environment, the signal generated by the detected metal is very small, and the signal needs to be amplified tens of thousands of times to meet the circuit drive requirements. If the sensor changes in displacement, it will cause an alarm. Therefore, in the long-term use process of the door shell of the door frame metal detector, the smaller the deformation, the better.

At present, most of the domestic production companies make the outer shells of the door frame metal detectors, which are made of high-density wood fiber board or wood bran board; everyone knows that high-density wood fiber board or wood bran board is very easy to absorb moisture . After a few months, deformation, disintegration, dispersion, etc. will occur; especially for coastal areas, because the air is humid and the rainy season is long, the door frame metal detector cannot be used again after a long time. Good security door manufacturers should attach great importance to this point. The outer shell can be made of high-strength PVC material, and the door frame is made of aluminum alloy. This material will not be damp, not easily deformed, and can ensure long-term normal use, and the carrier can be used for ten years. No maintenance is required.